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Creep Shots

Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy.

Head Shot


I like this creepy/brilliant way of recycling old heads.

Creepy Pig Butt


This is the creepiest figurine I’ve ever seen. Who buys this stuff?

Creepy Crawler


I don’t think it’s creepy – unless it urges me to eat an apple.

Creepy Sucker

The common sucker has the creepiest mouth in the river.  Ew!

Creepy Cargo


Where do dead cows go?

To the moo-tuary!


Waiting for Saturday

Daily Prompt via Nothin’ But A Good Time.
Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?


No imagination necessary; I have no duties or obligations tomorrow. I’ll probably have fun at home, fussing around the house getting ready for my next houseguest.
She’s three years old; my youngest grand-dotty.   I get to have her for a week!

I’m stoked!

This is the first time I’ve had a grandchild overnight, without parents present.  It’s the first time my son and his almost-wife have spent a week away from Baby Alyssa.  We still call her Baby Alyssa, but she’s a big girl now.    I wonder if she’ll remember anything from her last visit?  She was pretty little, but you never know what might make a memory.


I’ve put the Hello Kitty blankie and the smiling daisy pillow on the guest bed to make it look more girly,  a wicker basket of Beanie Babies and stuffies on the floor, a butterfly flashlight on the bedside table. I dug through the toy box, deleting broken stuff and sorting cars and plastic animals, rounding up stray puzzle pieces,  folding fabrics in the dress-up case and untangling beads and  necklaces and leis in the accessories case.


I’ll be thinking of all kinds of little things to do before we pick her up  this Saturday.

Bake cookies.  The cookie jar must be stocked with homemade cookies.

Get out the wading pool.

Buy some juice.


On Sunday we can go to the fair.   We’ll go shopping for books and maybe a dress or cowboy boots.  Her cousins and auntie want to take her to a movie and have a sleepover.

So, back to the prompt; tomorrow I have no duties or obligations.  I’ll just be home,  waiting for Saturday.






Eight Photos of Happiness

Mary Hone, at Tales from the Backroad, invited me to share Eight Photos of Happiness.

All my photos are of photos of happiness because I’m happiest when taking photos. It was hard to narrow it down to eight, so I used photos from my day today.


Fawns in the morning light.  I was happy to set two sets of twins and their moms in the field today.




I caught a huge snake!    I was happy that I wasn’t scared to hold a snake.   I let it slither away after a few photos.



Polliwogs!  I haven’t caught polliwogs since I was a tadpole.  Some are just starting to grow legs.  My granddaughters will enjoy seeing them.



Play makes me happy.  See my new sling-shot?  I got the slingshot because I can’t do the hula-hoop.



A common sucker –  the fish, not the guy.   I’m happy to say I’ve been with him more than half my life – I mean the guy, not the sucker.


Ravens!  They must travel in  summer.   I’m happy they’re back.



An evening murmuration of blackbirds.



Oops! This isn’t from today, but these chickies always make me happy.

Check out Mary’s beautiful photos and others at  http://talesfromthebackroad.com/8-photos-of-happiness/


Still Life Without Theresa


My friend has gone home. We had such a fun week together.  She brought coloring books and wine.

She brought beer and coffee and bread, peanut butter and jelly, pastry, crackers, chips, fruit and water and a candle.  She brought her husband and they brought their own towels.

I took them to Wild Wings, where we were treated to an excellent tour of the bird re-hab.  The ornithologist offered to bring out any bird we asked for.  That’s one of the perks of volunteering there.

Great grey owl

Great grey owl

Northern Pygmy Owl

Northern Pygmy Owl

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

We had huckleberry Margaritas at McDonald lake lodge.



On the way home we saw this ominous billowing plume from a new forest fire in Glacier Park, the Thompson fire; currently 100% uncontained.



We visited the Whiskey Barn.   Theresa’s husband bought some.  I’m not a big fan.  Of whiskey, I mean.  Her husband is cool.

This is not her husband; just some guy at the trading post.



We four took a sunset boat ride ride on Flathead Lake.


Wildlife advocate, Jungle Jack Hanna lives here.


We saw an osprey.


We stood in line to get on the list to see a sold-out play (The Adams Family) but were only offered seats on the steps. Nobody wanted to sit on the steps. We’re much too dignified. Oops! I mean, decrepit.

We ate lunches out and shopped at thrift stores and book stores and stores where we couldn’t afford a pair of socks. She can out-shop me any day. Must be the Zumba.

We colored in our coloring books and went for a walk every evening.

After Theresa left I took a nap for three hours.  It’s so quiet here.

I’ll miss that BFF.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet.

This floor. Just when I think I’m done for the day, the evening sun lights up every mote and smear. I can’t stand it. The time has come to mop.


My table-mover-man helped me move the dining table so I wouldn’t have to crawl underneath it.  Crawling is difficult and so undignified. It’s hard to do a good mopping with table legs in the way.

Underfoot is my floor-drying towel.   I mop and dry, because we have hard water, but also because sliding around on a towel is fun, especially with the radio on, especially after a glass of wine.


Sorry, there is no picture of that! Not today anyway.


Inspiration Everywhere

Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration.

I’m late with my homework again.  It was too hard a question.  Where do I find inspiration?



Nature inspires me and man-made things inspire me.   I’ll shoot anything.  I’ve taken pictures of scat, for cryin’ out loud.

051 (3)

I find inspiration on planet Earth.

016 (2)

I want to take a picture of everything.


Nary a day goes by that I don’t find  Inspiration everywhere.


My Window

Daily Prompt
via Through the Window.

I looked out my window and saw the reaper.

They’re reaping what they’ve sown; barley, I think.

I’m not one of those city transplants who complains about farm noise. I’d rather hear the rumble of a combine than that noisy goddamn ice cream truck that prowls the city streets.

It’s interesting to me, seeing how it’s done; the burning and turning and tilling and spraying and planting and reaping and baling.

This was threshing day on my great-grandfather’s farm, around a hundred years ago.  It took a whole team in those days.

CCI08072015_0002 (2)

I just read about threshing day in an old book I found on the sidewalk in a box marked FREE.   It was a good find!

But finally came the day when the awkward mammoth, with its trunk folded over its back like an elephant spraying itself, lumbered up the road past the house and the engineer set up its first location at the far end of section 33.  Papa said each setup was a tricky feat of calculating.  The thresher and the steam engine that powered it had to be separated by a distance of seventy-five feet or so.  Otherwise, sparks might set fire to one of the loaded hayracks and the whole shooting match would go up in smoke.”

The power was carried from the flywheel of the engine to the drive wheel of the threshing machine by a huge conveyor belt slung in the form of an elongated, reclining figure eight.  Consequently both machines had to be lined up within a fraction of an inch on the dead level, or the belt, traveling thirty miles an hour, could ripple and flip off its wheels and tear a man’s head or arm off.”

Papa and Jim forked the bundles onto the apron, which delivered them under the whirling, chattering teeth, where they exploded and were sucked inside the mysterious cavern of the machine.  The straw and chaff came out of the blower like buckshot.  At the side of the thresher stood the sackers, two dusty men who sacked and tied the grain as it poured out of a funnel after being cleaned by the shaking, chattering sieves inside.

From “Up On The Rim”  by Dale Eunson


Now the engineer rides in air-conditioned comfort.  Some use GPS to plot their path.

015 (2)

When the sun is low and the fields are quiet again the deer come out.

That’s what I see through my window.


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