Overcoming Bloglessness

Daily Prompt: Charitable


Daily Prompt: Charitable
You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away — but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?

via Daily Prompt: Charitable.

I’d give one million dollars to the Freedom from Religion Foundation because I believe strongly in the work they do to keep religion out of government and public schools.  http://ffrf.org/about

I’d donate a million to Northwest Pilot Project, which helps low income seniors find afforadable housing and assists them with transportation to appointments and other needs.  http://www.nwpilotproject.org/

I’d split a million between Oregon Humane Society and local animal shelters.    http://www.oregonhumane.org/

I’d spend a million dollars on musical instruments and music lessons for low-income children.  http://www.seattlefoundation.org/npos/Pages/Music4Life.aspx

I’d give a million to Jimmy Carter to use in his fight to iradicate the guinea worm.  http://www.cartercenter.org/health/guinea_worm/mini_site/index.html


Author: Susan B Raven

For many years I have suffered from debilitating bloglessness, only writing in my head, while everyone else posted and shared with ease. Previous attempts at recovery have failed, my secret journals edited to death, pages torn out, crumpled and trashed. I will not succumb to this embarassing condition. I will continue to struggle against the rampant backspacing and endless blank staring. I refuse to relapse into the void that is bloglessness. I can do it. I am doing it. I am Overcoming Bloglessness.

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