Overcoming Bloglessness

Do you Believe in Yard Magic?



Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?.

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us ENCHANTMENT.
Yard Magic

I have the ability to give life to those tchotchkes in your yard. All I have to do is roll my eyes at them, just once, passing by.   Next moonless night they’ll come alive.

Tchotchkes seek the one who placed them. They know who you are and, even if you’ve locked your doors and windows as you should, they get inside. They find you asleep and helpless in your bed. You think you’re in a nightmare when you wake up and see a garden gnome on your nightstand, staring at you. Or a leprechaun, standing at the foot of your bed.


Anything you put in your yard; pink flamingos, plastic butterflies, concrete bunnies, faux fawns, little gods…they all come alive. They all seek the one who placed them.

Think about it.  What’s in your yard?   I hope you’ll like it in your bedroom!

Sleep tight!


Author: Susan B Raven

For many years I have suffered from debilitating bloglessness, only writing in my head, while everyone else posted and shared with ease. Previous attempts at recovery have failed, my secret journals edited to death, pages torn out, crumpled and trashed. I will not succumb to this embarassing condition. I will continue to struggle against the rampant backspacing and endless blank staring. I refuse to relapse into the void that is bloglessness. I can do it. I am doing it. I am Overcoming Bloglessness.

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