Overcoming Bloglessness



Daily PromptVerbal Confirmation.
To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

Verb schmerb! Are you guys stoned? Well, maybe you should be! I’ve never felt connected to a verb. That’s weird.
But, okay; if I must characterize myself with a verb, I choose


I’ve always been a wonderer.

I wonder at the beauty of nature.
I wonder why my hens won’t eat worms.
I wonder where the ravens are.
I wonder if statements of wonder should have question marks.
I wonder how people make themselves believe crazy shit.
I wonder if I’m loved.
I wonder what’s over there.
I wonder how they did that.
I wonder why the washing machine always turns one sleeve of my husband’s shirts inside-out.
I wonder what you’re thinking.
I wonder why foreign languages assign gender to inanimate objects.
I wonder how non-believer brains differ from believer brains.
I wonder where the kidnapped girls are.
I wonder who my granddaughters will grow up to be.
I wonder what percentage of atheists are left handed.
I wonder how people can stand Rush Limbaugh and cilantro.
I wonder if I could hike to the top of that mountain.
I wonder if this is enough.


Author: Susan B Raven

For many years I have suffered from debilitating bloglessness, only writing in my head, while everyone else posted and shared with ease. Previous attempts at recovery have failed, my secret journals edited to death, pages torn out, crumpled and trashed. I will not succumb to this embarassing condition. I will continue to struggle against the rampant backspacing and endless blank staring. I refuse to relapse into the void that is bloglessness. I can do it. I am doing it. I am Overcoming Bloglessness.

10 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. The best verb there is. šŸ™‚

  2. I wonder about these WordPress prompts sometimes. Nice to see you turn it on its ear this way and I love your list. We are small business-owners and we have four “Ws” as part of our values. One of those is “Wonder.”

  3. Well, I’m right-handed, but can do some activities ambidextrously (tennis and telephones, for example). … A fantastic post, Susan! To wonder is to be fully human. (Either that, or you’re George W. Bush.)

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  5. Interesting wonderings – I share a few

  6. Lovely idea, life without wonder would be very dull!

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