Overcoming Bloglessness

Twist Off


Daily Prompt
Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming. via href=’https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/what-a-twist/’>What a Twist!.

I haven’t been in a good frame of mind for blogging lately. Daily Prompts don’t inspire me to write anything but regrettable drivel.

I always wanted to write someday, when I had the time. Now I have time, but I’m dull as a…a dullard.

Maybe I’m just not a writer. I haven’t had enough interesting life experiences or accomplishments to speak of. Things I’d like to write about are too personal or too inflammatory or better left to smarter, more skillful wordsmiths.

I’ve got nothing to say. I don’t even have pictures to post; days are just too dismal.

Now, here’s the mandatory twist: I quit. I’m packing up the blog; stuffing it in a box which I’ll store under the bed, in Dustbunnyland.

I submit to total bloglessness. It is not overcome-able.

This is the end.

I mean it.


Author: Susan B Raven

For many years I have suffered from debilitating bloglessness, only writing in my head, while everyone else posted and shared with ease. Previous attempts at recovery have failed, my secret journals edited to death, pages torn out, crumpled and trashed. I will not succumb to this embarassing condition. I will continue to struggle against the rampant backspacing and endless blank staring. I refuse to relapse into the void that is bloglessness. I can do it. I am doing it. I am Overcoming Bloglessness.

5 thoughts on “Twist Off

  1. I hope you’re kidding.

    Hey, you deleted your last post, but I was trying to reply:

    “Encouraging is the word. I recently read a book written by an evangelical where he admits 260,000 young evangelicals are walking away from the nonsense every year in the States. That’s a massive, and healthy shift. Maybe the States will mirror Brazil’s experience and slowly become mostly Spiritualist, which is quite innocuous as far as belief systems go, and spiritualists certainly harbour no inclinations to interfere in politics/science/education. Yes Indiana, I’m looking at you”

    • They’re trying to pass the same hateful law here. Fools, hastening their own demise. 🙂

      My hometown, Portland, Oregon has been deemed the least religious city in the U.S. with 42% reporting no religious affiliation. YaY!

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