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Graffiti Under the Bridge

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Spray paint artists have expressed themselves all over the old bridge.
I solarized and intensified the colors and flipped it to make it harder to read, but you can still find a vulgar word in the paler version.


I wish I could make it bigger, but I lost the original and these edited versions won’t enlarge for reasons beyond my ken.

Weekly Photo Challenge   Express Yourself.


Sure Signs


The return of the blues is a sure sign of spring,
as well as the greening grass
and the poor, unwelcome dandelions.
Catkins are a sure sign.
Mothers, tending their nests are a sure sign of spring,
and farmers, tending their fields.
Spring is calving season.
And nothing says spring like butterflies on bear poo.
Here’s wishing you a happy spring!
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Weekly Photo Challenge:

The Chick Report


The Chick Report

Here’s my brooder made from a recycled recycling bin with an oven rack for a screen.
I had it in the garage at first, but it’s easier to regulate the temperature indoors. Besides, I like the sound of their peeps. I’ll miss that when they move outside.
The  coop is ready. I’ll plant some flowers and make it look girly. It’s a small coop. It might get bigger someday. The chickens can run loose in the yard when they’re old enough.



The chicks have grown a lot in the 10 days I’ve had them. Their wings feathers and tails are coming along nicely.


Today I gave them a log to play with; something to jump off of and sleep on. They like it.


Don’t you do it! 
This one is Kitty.  No, Betty.  Bunny.  No.   Names haven’t stuck yet.

I sit in the afternoon sun with the chicks on my lap in a little flannel blanket nest.  They look out the window until they fall asleep.


I’m enjoying my little chicks. Mr. Raven likes them too. I haven’t seen him hold one though. Probably, when I’m not looking…

Ring of Fire.

Owl Be Back!


Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUN.

via Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time.

Since my retirement I’ve had an aversion to duties and obligations.  All the days are mine, all mine.

For a good time today,  I witnessed the release of a rehabilitated great-horned owl.   After being hit by a car she had head injuries and a severe concussion.  She couldn’t even stand up.   She was in rehab for 21 days, then released today where she was found.


The release.  Wait, I missed it.  Do it again!



The owl soared low over the field and landed on a fencepost to get her bearings.

I learned something today about the owl’s feet.   It looked like she only had two front toes when she was perched on a branch, but great horned owls are zygodactyl.  They have four toes, one of which can flex either forward or backward.

I  got a little misty eyed, watching the owl fly free.    Thank goodness for people who take care of broken birds.

Good luck Owl!   May you live long and prosper!

I Didn’t Do Nothin’



Daily Prompt: Random Act of Kindness.

Tell us about the time when you performed a secret random act of kindness — where the recipient of your kindness never found out about your good deed. How did the deed go down?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us SECRET.

I’m sure I secretly did something nice once. I just don’t remember what.
Mr. Raven, he’s the nice one. He mowed our neighbor’s lawn; the neighbor with cancer. I had been wondering what I could do for her. He went over and did something.

Some months later, when I met her at the mailbox, the neighbor said she had something for me at the house. Whatever for? For being such good neighbors.

I felt wretched. I hadn’t done anything nice. I didn’t deserve a gift. It would be Mr. Raven’s gift. We walked to her house together and she gave me a lovely, rustic looking birdhouse.
I love birdhouses! It made me weepy. Sometimes I’m just soppy like that.

Today I gave her a Christmas card and two homemade felt bird ornaments. Tomorrow I’m going to walk her dog.

Supernatural Ladybug


Ladybug (Photo credit: Susan NYC)

Dotter told me that Lizzy had been asking questions about death since Aunt Jody died; questions like I wonder what it’s like when you’re dead? Dotter told her it was probably like being asleep, only you don’t dream and you don’t wake up. Dotter’s husband offered his explanations too. Then they saw a ladybug. In the house. In December.

And Lo, they were amazed.

It was so weird because Lizzy is our Ladybug Girl, always finding ladybugs, and here we are having this deep, spiritual conversation, and a ladybug appears! In December!

Lizzy’s dad says, See… magic is everywhere if you just believe.

Divert! Divert!
Lights flash and warning sirens wail in my head. Don’t go there! Dotter senses my skepticism as the words are coming out of her mouth. Now she feels dumb telling me this story. “You’ll think it’s silly”.

I don’t remember how, but we veered away from this danger zone. I was trying to think of an acceptable response. Oh, wow?! Cool! I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I was just trying to wrap my head around what they were thinking.

Was she suggesting that the ladybug was some kind of Messenger from Beyond? Do they think Aunt Jody sent the ladybug? Because, if that’s the case, Yes! I think it’s silly. It makes for a cute story, but let’s think about more realistic explanations.

I recall the day Lizzy took me up to her bedroom to see the ladybug she was keeping in her doll house. Maybe the miraculous winter ladybug is still alive in December because it’s been living inside the warm house. Unless the ladybug was talking or texting or something extraordinary, I wouldn’t think it was a Supernatural Ladybug.

It reminded me of the Owl Seers. After co-worker Pat died, Ron told me that he and members of Pat’s family had all seen owls on their separate routes home from the wake. An owl flew low across the road in front of Ron’s car. What does it mean?! The owl-seers were elated! They believed that the owls were a sign from Pat. Maybe it was Pat, waving good-bye! They seemed to believe that when you die you get some kind of power over the animal kingdom and you can send critters on errands. Or maybe you can turn your dead-self into to an a bird and visit your old friends.

I wonder how that squares with their Christian beliefs? I suppose, if you believe in Eden’s talking snake and the talking ass and bears god sent to maul naughty children, it’s not that much of a stretch. Religion sets people up to believe just about anything.

Another True Story. Jay was walking to his car after buying some weed, when he spied a snake on the ground by the driver’s side door. He’d had a dream about a snake, and now there’s a snake by the car door! OMG! He made it into his car via the passenger door and peeled outta there. He was freaked-out by seeing this snake after buying the pot after having that snake dream. He decided the snake was a sign, a warning that he shouldn’t have bought the pot. He threw the baggy out the car window.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in Oz. When Ron first found out that I’m an atheist he was surprised and said, “but you seem so well adjusted!” He thinks I’m the weird one because I don’t believe in gods or Messenger Owls.

I don’t mean to spoil your magic moment, it’s just that I look for factual explanations. I don’t feel the need embellish the real world with magic glitter-twinkle-sparkles.
The very fact that there is such a thing as a ladybug, an owl and a snake; and that the ladybug, the owl, the snake and you and I are all hurtling through space together on this weird, magnificent blue speck, isn’t that magic enough?