Overcoming Bloglessness


Weather Moods

Daily Prompt Climate Control.
How does the weather affect your mood?

Dark, dreary days can make me feel gloomy and bored; especially if it’s too dark out to take pictures.  Why go outside if you can’t take pictures? I’ll just stare at the computer or the television and be inert.

Unless there’s a rainbow. Rainbows perk me up.

On bright, snowy days, even if it’s below freezing outside, I feel ambitious.  I can’t wait to get out for a walk or to shovel snow; anything to burn some calories and get some sun. 018

Unless it’s windy. Wind makes my ears ache and my nose runs and my eyes water so I can’t see the birds and I can’t see to take pictures. I don’t like windy.
When it’s windy and sunny I’m tricked into thinking It’s nice out and I start making outdoor plans, until  I see the grasses bending flat down and and the windicator standing straight out. Wind makes me crabby.

Hang on little buddy!

Hang on little buddy!

Unless it’s a dust storm. When the farmer’s freshly furrowed dirt is blowing away in clouds and the wind is howling  it’s kind of exciting. I like to hunker down and watch a storm; as long as I don’t have to hang wet blankets over the windows like they did in the dust bowl days.
Hot weather makes me feel lethargic and lazy. Hot weather drives me to drink.

On perfect spring days like today I want to be outside all day; working or playing, it doesn’t matter which.  I can’t sit here, in front of the computer when skies are blue.  That would be a waste of sunshine.

Therefore, I bid you a fond adieu.