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Under My Bed

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What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?
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Under My Bed

Cousin Cora looked under my bed once. I couldn’t believe it! Who does that? Her little girl had chased my fat-cat underneath my king-size bed and Cora followed her and got down on her hands and knees to look for Kitty under the bed.

I was so embarrassed. Under the bed was cat hair and dust bunnies and stored junk in junky boxes. There were un-hung pictures and rolled-up throw rugs and the Scrabble game that was too big to fit anywhere else. The box-spring’s fabric had been cat-ripped and it hung in shreds. The bed was on lifts, so I could store more junk under there. Under-the-bed was not a place I looked at or cleaned very often. I never imagined anybody else would look under my bed.

Not that Cora would judge. Her house is clutter upon clutter, except for that one spot of counter space by the fridge. A feng-shui guru told her that, if nothing else, keep this one area free of clutter; it would benefit the children, academically. Cora also has a tiny feng-shui mirror on the ceiling above the toilet, so she doesn’t flush her wealth away.

I suspect Cora’s under-the-bed situation may be much worse than mine; not that I would ever look. Still, ever since that day she peeked, I’m paranoid about people looking under my bed. I keep it really clean. It’s easier now, in the new house, without carpet, sans fat-cat, with a new, un-shredded box spring. And there’s only one box under the bed: a fancy box made just for underbed storage. I Swiffer under there several times a week. Okay, maybe twice a week, as far as I can reach without getting down on all fours.

I should get out the vacuum more often and do a thorough cleaning under the bed. That’s the chore I put off. It’s the getting down on my bum knee that makes me put it off.
Or so I say.
Even though I don’t vac as often as I should, it’s still much nicer under my bed than it used to be.
Go ahead. Look all you want!