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Bird Stuff

Daily Prompt: Now You See Me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.

I’ve have been using my superpower. Haven’t you noticed? I’ve been disappeared most of the winter. I just kind of got unbloggy; distracted by holidays, Scrabble, TV, jigsaw puzzles, naps, baking, sewing and bird stuff. My brain is full of bird stuff.


1000 pieces = 2 days to completion.

Fowl Fashion Update


Betty, Fanny and Penny

The hens would rather not touch snow, but when the sun comes out, who can resist a little walkabout?   Their coop is warmed by heat lamp, since  Betty was molting when the artic air arrived and Fanny has had foliage issues since I got her last summer.

Here she is in July, dehydrated and underweight with no pants and a big scab from being pecked on in an overcrowded henyard.


Ta-da!  Here’s Fanny now in her new finery.  She still has a small bald patch in the wayback, but that will fill in too.  By summer, she’ll be fully feathered.


These hens are good layers.  The heat lamp helps with winter production.  I’m getting three eggs most days.   Some eggs go right back to the hens or the crow, scrambled or hard-boiled.

Raven gets raw eggs.  I bet he’d like ’em scrambled too.



Full moon over Taj Ma-henhouse.



Taking a snowbath.

The name Suki didn’t really stick.  My husband consistently calls her “Crowbar”.  I allow that because it’s better than what he was calling her, which was “FUBAR”.   (F@#*^d Up Beyond All Reason)   Don’t call her that!
After reading about a crow named Chicken (CORVUS, by Esther Woolfson)  I started calling her Chicken. Or Crow.  “Suki” has become her formal name; the one she would use on important legal documents.

Crow stays busy all day, bathing in  snow, climbing her tree, caching and uncaching food and watching flighted birds soar by.   At night I bring her inside, to her crate.  One recent evening she stepped off her tree onto my hand and rode all the way inside!  That had never happened before and  I was plum tickled.  She’s done it a few times now, but she won’t do it every time.

In the morning, after scrambled eggs, I open the patio door and let her walk out on her own.  Here’s her route.



I’ve learned to keep my hood on when cleaning or feeding the owls at bird rehab.  A great grey owl deliberately befouled my hair!  And a barred owl smacked me upside the head as I exited his chamber.  He didn’t hurt me; his talons were not in kill position.  He just flew into the back of my head for reasons untold.  Maybe just for kicks or maybe he didn’t like my outfit.  I promise not wear that orange camo hoodie again.  It really is hideous.

Great grey owl

Great grey owl



Peeking Raven

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy


I spy this guy.


Raven, checking for treats.



After caching his muffin somewhere in the trees, Raven returned, looking for more. I showed him my empty hands. All gone! He fluffed up his feathers and bowed his head, as birds do to invite preening. I moved my hand toward him and dared to touch the only part I could reach; his beak. I petted with one finger and he nudged his head closer before he took off!

I touched his beak!  I touched a wild raven’s powerful beak and he didn’t take my fool finger off!

I’ve been visiting this pair for several years and had never touched one until today.

I’m still all giddy inside.


Source: Eye Spy

My High Noon


Daily PromptAt noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.
via High Noon.

We drove out to the river this morning while the church goers were still in the pews.


Flathead River

The green water of the Middle Fork and brown water from the North Fork merge here.

It looks like a clan of beavers merge here too.  There was an amazing amount of evidence everywhere, but we couldn’t find their damn dam. My husband figures this tree must’ve been chewed on above when the snow was deep and the lower part was carved after snowmelt. Or else there was one really tall beaver.



I collected some long sticks.  The girls like to use them for torches, when we have a campfire.  I was running low on torches.
I only brought home one rock; a large, pale, purplish-pink boulder.   I can always use another rock in the garden or around the henyard.

We visited this guy.


This is his mate. I suspect they have eggs in the nest by now.


By the way, the ravens at Wellesley college are nesting in front of the ravencam again. I’ve not yet heard how many eggs are in the nest. You can watch them at

By noon, we were hungry and on our way home. PB and J.

Now it’s after three, and I do believe it’s wine time.

Maybe I’ll take the hens for a walk. They follow me like puppies. Such good girls.


Raven’s Reward



After hiding his reward, Raven comes back to say thank you.

005 (2)

Stellar Jay keeps an eye out, noting where Raven caches his prize.  He’s thinking about rewarding himself.



My reward : a raven escort!  He flew just above our truck, 25-30 mph for about a mile.


Too bad there’s not a wide shot – You’d see me, hanging out the passenger side window, taking pictures and cheering him on.




Weekly Photo Challenge Reward.

Bird Stuff


Betty flew the coop.  Not having a flight plan, she landed in powdery snow.

She couldn’t find her feet.



She stood there a long time, wondering what to do.


Flying seemed to be out of the question.   Flying is what got her into this fix.

She just stood there.  Did some yoga.  Chook position.



She finally figured out that she could still walk.


Slowly she trudged back to the henhouse; a safe place where she had feet.


Whoa!  Wilma laid a super-jumbo egg today. It weighs 3.5 ounces.  An egg must be 2.5 ounces to qualify as jumbo.  Yesterday’s egg only weighed 2 ounces.  Was it something she ate?

Maybe it’s all the eggshell she’s been eating.  After I use eggs I  crunch up the shells and mix it in with leftovers.  Wilma gobbles up egg shell like it’s candy.



Brunch with ravens yesterday.  They love eggs.


The male poked a hole in the egg and they took turns sipping the yummy contents.


They didn’t eat the shell, unless they came back for it later.

After brunch, as a thank you, he posed and we chatted for a few minutes.   That was the highlight of my day.


Oregon Ducks   Can you stand one more bird pic?   Here’s a pair of mallards I met in Oregon.  Nice couple.


Everything’s just ducky.
Daily Prompt via Easy Fix.


Picture This

Daily Prompt If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

via Frame of Mind.

The Picture
At first you perceive a placid scene: A raven on a blue bicycle, sunshine, green fields. Her basket is full of corn muffins and banana-nut muffins. But, look closer. Raven is sweaty and out of breath. It’s too hot. There are no pedals on the bike and Raven is wearing roller skates, her feet just a-goin’ and a-goin’. Her blue gingham apron is really a calendar with notes and scribbles in every numbered square and the birdies in the trees are saying Tick-tock-tick.

In the distance you see Dear Mother Raven, standing by the dusty road with her suitcase, waiting to be picked up.

The Meaning
I’m in pre-house-guest hyper mode, always thinking of one more thing to fold or clean or put away or cook. It doesn’t matter that Dear Mother Raven, who is 88 years old, won’t see the dust and the spots on the floor. I’ve gotta clean everything anyway. It’s what one does, when guests are coming.

I stayed up past midnight, baking so we could keep the house cool today. Banana-nut for us and corn muffins for baby ravens. Yes! The mom and dad raven brought the babies to the yard for muffins. They woke me one morning with a screeching AWWWK! outside my open window.

That’s a baby raven!I said to husband. He didn’t jump out of bed like I did and peek through the curtains.

There are three babies, as big as the parents; brownish with bluish eyes and pinkish mouths. And they’re loud! At least the one is. They’ve landed in the yard when I’m standing very close, but I think the momma is teaching them not to do that. I heard her clucking, cautioning the youngster. Maybe she was shushing him. Anyway, I was excited that the ravens brought their babies by.

Friday we take Dear Mother Raven on a little trip and Tuesday we do this and Sunday So-and-so comes over and appointments to remember and it’s too, too hot outside.
And I won’t have my usual computer time because Mother Raven tends to sit and watch. That’s okay. I’ll show her some cat pictures or something.

I really don’t mind her coming. It’ll be fun.

I need to go get wine now.

She’s here in four hours.