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Gathering Seeds


Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

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We met at HQ at 9:00 and carpooled to Two Medicine lake, where we gathered seeds for the park’s native plant nursery. Ten of us were issued yellow safety vests, scissors, baggies, paper sacks and large collecting bags which we strapped around our middles.

We moseyed along the trail and snipped dried brown blooms of spirea; their miniscule seeds spilled and filled the corners of our baggies. We hunted red kinnick-kinnick berries, which were hard to find, and bitter orange mountain ash berries, which were abundant. We tested our plant identification skills, naming names: butter and eggs, salsifies, mahonia, thimbleberry, and huckleberry bear-poo.

At noon we ate lunch in the sun by the sparkling lake at the foot of the mountains. And everybody said, “What a beautiful day!”


This Is The End


Calendar says summer, thermometer says winter.  There’s fresh snow on the peaks and this morning’s temp of 24 is a new record low for this date.
Knowing the end was near, I lingered in the yard yesterday, saying goodbye to summer flowers.   That’s when I realized I needed a bouquet.







My Last Chance Summer Bouquet consists of bee balm, cosmos, snap dragons, daisies, Echinacea, larkspur, lavender, Cupid’s dart and Russian sage.





By morning the flowers had bowed down to the cold. This is the end of a very short summer.


Sassy Assed Computer

Daily Prompt Soulful Machines. Machines, appliances, and gadgets sometimes feel like they have their own personalities — from quirky cars to dignified food processors. What’s the most “human” machine you own?

It’s the damn computer. I don’t usually think of any machines as human, but if I must choose one for Daily Prompt purposes, it’s the damn computer.

Computer is the only machine that gives me grief. It’s the only machine I curse at; the only one that sasses me back. I love it and I hate it. It brings me joy and it pisses me off.

It’s stubborn and moody and passive aggressive. But I keep coming back.

I can’t quit you, Computer!


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